Workover Rigs

PETX will provided series of workover rigs with maximum static load ranging from 300 to 2250kN ( 67440-505800 lbs ) and installed power ranging from 235 to 1300HP, including XJ150, XJ250, XJ350, XJ450, XJ550, XJ650, XJ1000 and XJ1200. The power system, drawworks system and driving system are all installed on a carrier, therefore it is easy for installation and movement. These rigs are suitable for workover operation for wells ranging from 1000 m to 9000m , and for drilling operation for medium and shallow wells if equipped with a rotary table. A self-propelled workover rig is mainly composed of chassis, power and driving system, drawworks system, mast, hydraulic/air/electric control system and rotary system. The rig travelling and operation are all powered by a deck engine.

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