PETX Supply Chain System And Globalization Strategy

PETX Group procures products through our chain of manufactories, warehouses and globally inventory bases in the United States, China, Colombia and Lima. We provide a procurement and distribution channel between the developed and emerging oilfield markets and we handle all the logistics to deliver products on-time and on-budget. We are not brokers, but an experienced supply company with deep vendor relationships and global supply chain system.

We are experienced in setting up on-site stocking locations and distribution centers that offer the high-quality produces and best services to our customers. We manufacture and manage the inventory, staff the location with trained personnel, and take care all of the necessary documents. Our sales office locations include the USA, Canada, China, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Mexican.

PETX Group has strong delivery system for matching our customers’ requirement by global inventory based and experienced management team. PETX wish co-operation and development with our clients together by the following competitive advantages:

  • One-stop Solution;
  • Just In Time Inventory At South American;
  • Production Diversification And Friendly Relationship With Local Custom Broker, Local Bank, Lawyer Firm And CPA Firm In South American, USA And China.

Globalization for PETX

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